‘Mad Men’ season 6 finale spoilers: Kiernan Shipka looks to season 7, Sally’s future

Mad MenThere are a number of things that are easy to appreciate about “Mad Men” as a series, and as flawed as it may be times, one of them is the joy that comes in seeing a character’s ability to pop in and out of the show, and still feel like they do not need much time to build up momentum.

Take, for example, the interesting case of Sally Draper. Throughout the first half of this season, we barely even remember her being around. Meanwhile, the last two weeks have been enormous for this character, as she catches Don in the middle of the throws of passion with Sylvia, and then tries to flee the scene by going to boarding school. Sunday night’s finale will be the aftermath of her emotional buildup, where she will face a few choices: She can either spill the beans and watch Don’s life fall apart, or choose to go away to school and stick her head in the sand.

Regardless of what happens, there is one place that Kiernan Shipka wants to see Sally’s story go as an actor next year: A realm of chaos. Speaking to Vulture on what she’d like to see for her part in the show’s final season, she laid her cards very quickly on the table:

“Next season I sort of see Sally in that downward spiral. There’s not much room for her to go back up. A lot of people thought through seasons past that she’d hit her bottom, but now is truly where she’s going to get herself into trouble. I hope so. It would be really fun. It’d be awesome.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this means that (big shocker) Sally’s not going to die or have something crazy happen to her. Then again, you may know this already courtesy of Matthew Weiner putting all those death rumors to rest recently.

If you do want to read some more scoop on Pete’s future on “Mad Men,” check out another scoop-filled story over at the link here.

Photo: AMC

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