NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5: Dan Harmon finally watched last season, and…

CommunityThis just in: Dan Harmon is not particularly happy with what happened to “Community” last season (shocker!) How bad are we talking here? Let’s just say that the man probably feels better about the Xbox One’s no-game sharing policy than he does about what happened to “Community”.

While at his most-recent “Harmontown” event (which you can listen to here), the show’s creator confirmed that he finally watched the full fourth season of the show after staying away from it for the past several months, and he compared it to “flipping through Instagram just watching your girlfriend blow everyone.” This is one of the  more graphic ways that he described what he felt was the show trying to a bad impression of his previous work (something that we in part agree with).

Harmon actually was less harsh about “Community’s” replacement showrunners in David Guarascio and Moses Port, suggesting that they were really put in a situation where it was impossible for them to win. He instead spent most of his time blasting the studio (Sony) for forcing creative people to work over each other, which he believes takes away from what being creative should really be about.

In some ways, there may be a part of Sony that throws up their fist in anger at Harmon for saying this. Then again, this is precisely what they got themselves into by hiring him again. Dan’s a brilliant guy who creates some of the best television out there, but he also carries around a chip on his shoulder so large that he literally bulldozes people over sometimes. His honesty is what makes his fans love him, and it may also be what causes “Community” in some ways to be intimidating to non-viewers.

We also think that the general populace is being a little too hard on season 4 as a whole. Was the start of it pretty awful? Sure, but the final four or five episodes were actually good, and while Harmon is upset about James Brolin being cast as Jeff’s dad (as he always wanted Bill Murray), we actually think that he did a pretty good job in the role.

It was only a few weeks ago that the news of Harmon’s return for season 5 was announced, and things are sure to get much more interesting from here on out.

Photo: NBC

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