Beacon 23 season 1 episode 4: Are there too many questions?

Beacon 23 season 1
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As you prepare to see Beacon 23 season 1 episode 4 on MGM+ next week, are you a little eager to get some answers? Let’s just put it like this — if you are at this point, we 100% understand.

After all, just consider for a moment everything that is still questionable within the world of this show. We’ve met a number of people within the QTA, whether it be Aster, Coley, or the Wreckers — yet, the exact endgame of this group is still somewhat ambiguous. Meanwhile, we’ve also had a chance to see a lot of discussion about the oh-so mysterious rocks and yet, very little when it comes to their origins or their larger meaning.

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How many answers does Beacon 23 need to give us moving forward? If nothing else, we do think episode 4 could be useful from a lore perspective. After all, it would be nice to get more insight on the Beacons themselves, including how they function, the larger role of the beacon keepers, and why certain objects of value could be stored there. At the very least, we know that episode 4 is going to feature some dives into the past, so there is a chance for a little bit more of much-needed context here.

Remember that there is a season 2 already filmed for this show, so rest assured there are going to be a lot of chances for resolution for some of the key mysteries here. In general, we tend to think that this show is going to have a delicate balancing act of a lot of backstory and also big events in the present. If you can give us both successfully, the series will be so much better off at the end of the day.

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