Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: The big Cory, Jared argument

Big Brother 25

Within this article, we are going to try to piece together the most iconic argument of Big Brother 25 so far — the huge argument with Cory and Jared.

In a way, this has been a long time coming given that the one-time “final 2” have been tense for a while. However, the events of the past 24 hours took everything to another level. Matt and Cory started to compare notes and realized that they have been told so many different things with Jared as the common thread. Also, Matt decided that it would be better if people knew about Izzy’s eviction far in advance.

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Because of all of this, Jared ended up learning the truth and with that, started an investigation into why. A heated discussion with Matt became an even more heated one with Cory as the two did their best to paint the other person as a liar. Bowie Jane was in here and, down the road, both Jag and Cirie joined.

So what really came out of this? Well, Jared tried (at times successfully) to paint Cory out as a liar in the game. However, whatever success he had was thwarted by his overly defensive term and also him repeatedly talking over everyone in the room. Cory then made good points about Jared acting like both Cory and Matt were in his “true” alliance, whether that be For Real For Real or the Seven Deadly Sins. Cirie tried to do some damage control, without sinking her game or making it seem like she and Jared were related.

The biggest win that Cory got from this is confirming that Jag did not rat out to Jared yesterday that Izzy was going, which Jared straight-up lied about earlier in the day. Jared tried to counter saying that he must have been misheard.

In the end, we don’t think this hurt Jared too much because he was the next target for some of Cory’s newly-formed side of the house with America, Jag, Matt, Bowie, and Mecole. However, it certainly didn’t help him and it probably made Cory a much bigger target. Both of them really lost the argument.

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Who do you think was the winner / loser of this huge Big Brother argument?

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