Succession season 4 episode 10 spoilers: An big series finale tease

Succession season 4We do not exactly think it is some shocker that the Succession series finale is going to be a TV event like no other. It’s just hard to digest that we are only a little over a week away! This episode is poised to be a ninety-minute epic and over the course of it, you better believe that there are going to be some huge, emotional moments. The legacy of Waystar Royco is on the line, and we’ll get to see how the story ends for just about everyone in the finale.

For the time being, there are no plans for there to be some sort of eventual continuation of this story. What we see in the end is ultimately what we get.

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Speaking per Variety while promoting his Death on the Lot podcast, executive producer Adam McKay had the following to say about this final episode:

“I had to, like, emotionally recover after watching it … Oh, my God. Wow! I knew what was coming. And still! Oh, my God. Wow.”

Just from reading that alone, we tend to think that there is either some element of surprise or a huge emotional swing that it could take some time for everyone to process. Either way, isn’t that exciting? We know that we are not exactly ready for the end of the story to be here and honestly, we’re not sure we ever will be.

Who will be in charge at the end?

You can make the argument that Kendall has it based on where we are, or that Shiv and Tom somehow work together well enough to throw Kendall and Roman under the bus and find their way back. Despite everyone having a number of missteps over the past few weeks, it doesn’t feel like anyone can be ruled out. After all, we wanted to do that with Roman and yet, he found a way to bounce back with the election. (Granted, there’s still a good chance he shoots himself in the foot coming up — that would be really on-brand for him, all things considered.)

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How do you think that the Succession series finale is going to wrap up at the end of the day?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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