Succession season 4 episode 9: Is everyone set to lose?

Succession season 4As we prepare ourselves for Succession season 4 episode 9 on HBO this weekend, how true are some of Logan Roy’s final words from episode 2? Are none of his children “serious people”?

At the moment, one thing feels reasonably clear here: Everyone seems to be on a path to destruction. However, none of them have the self-awareness to fully see it, at least at the moment.

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So where do we start? Well, for Shiv, it’s pretty clear how screwed she is. She hitched her wagon to the wrong person in Matsson and now has to face the consequences. Meanwhile, she’s lost trust from her siblings and her relationship with Tom is in tatters. There is no clear path forward for her.

So what about everyone else? Well, on paper it may seem like things are better for Roman, given that Mencken is going to be President. However, is the sketchiness around the Wisconsin call going to come out? Tom may be the fall guy, but that only works so far. Kendall is the most well-positioned of the three, but there’s always a chance that Frank stabs him in the back with his own secret plan. We already know Matsson is terrible.

What we are really looking at here is a fine example of no one actually thinking of what is best for Waystar Royco — they are only thinking of themselves. So long as that proves to be the case, we tend to think that in some way, they are all going to lose out.

It is true that there are only a couple of episodes left, but these stories are long and a lot can still happen. Be prepared for chaos … and plenty of it as we prepare for the future and the final endgame here.

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Where do you think we are going to see things go moving into Succession season 4 episode 9?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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