‘The Amazing Race 22’ rankings: Why Max & Katie, Joey & Meghan are contenders

The Amazing RaceLast season on “The Amazing Race,” we had what many people referred to as a pretty unpredictable finish. At the same time, those who paid close attention to the edit likely realized that the team getting a great deal of positive attention were the Beekman Boys in Josh & Brent. These two were the underestimated underdogs, and they did prove that sometimes, the winner of the show is not always the team that is the physically strongest. Instead, you just have to get hot at the right time.

With that in mind, there are some acts that are certainly surging, whereas a few other teams are starting to fall by the wayside.

The rankings

5. Mona & Beth (last week: 5) – The combination of having a very quiet edit and being in last place, with a Speed Bump to boot, boasts very badly for the roller derby moms. These two seem nice enough, but they don’t have a shot at winning this season, even if they do advance beyond this week.

4. Caroline & Jennifer (4) – They are in a decent position of third moving into Sunday’s leg, but their big problem is that there is nothing that they are particularly excellent at. Not only that, but they rely at times a little too heavily on the hockey boys. The only thing going for them may merely be that someone is more likely to U-Turn them than a pair of country singers who aren’t taken to be an enormous threat.

3. Bates & Anthony (1) – The hockey guys showed a huge flaw in their game in the last episode: Sometimes, they are so focused on impressing the ladies that they forget that they are in a competition. If they make it through this leg, their odds of making the final three are huge. However, we just have a feeling that they are going to really struggle with not being U-Turned, and they are starting in a bad enough position where they may not catch up.

2. Joey & Meghan (2) – As we said last week, Team YouTube is getting a really great edit, and we’ve had a feeling for weeks now that they are going to win the season. We’re a little hesitant still to rank them #1 based on the fact that they have never won a leg, but they have done such a great job of consistently staying out of last place that they have a Beekman-esque feel to them.

1. Max & Katie (3) – As we said at the start, this race is often about when you get hot rather than just how strong of a team you are. This couple may have already been through some of their worst moments on the race courtesy of Africa, and they now know how to cope with turmoil. They’re also physically strong, and very smart if the pieces all fall into place.

Who are you rooting for to win “The Amazing Race”? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can watch a preview for tomorrow’s “Amazing Race 22” episode over at the link here.

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