Fire Country season 1 episode 17: Will Jake clear his name?

Fire Country season 1In just two days Fire Country season 1 episode 17 is going to finally arrive after this NCAA hiatus — and yea, things will be tense.

If nothing else, this could be potentially the biggest episode for Jake that we’ve seen since the start of the show — and yea, you can’t be surprised when you consider where things left off. At the end of episode 16, he found himself accused potentially of being the arsonist. Is he? We don’t tend to think so, especially given how hard he is working in order to deny it.

This week CBS revealed some sneak peeks for this episode titled “A Cry for Help” and at the center of them, you will see this character having to defend himself in front of the group. He hates the accusations that are thrown in his way, he hates being ganged-up on, and above all else, he hates the idea that now, he may not be able to go out into the field.

Will anyone trust him again? That may be dependent on the actual arsonist being found, and the unfortunate reality with this is that this could be out of his hands. He can do what he can in order to search for answers, but we tend to think that he will be hugely dependent on Bode and others in order to figure this out.

What is Jake confessing to the Chief?

There’s another sneak peek posing that question, but we don’t think it’s as straight a line as him admitting to being the arsonist. Instead, don’t be shocked if he knows more than he’s let on, but not in a way that makes him guilty. Instead, he may have some evidence that he’s been sworn to secrecy on … and it could be complicated. Hey, we’re at a point in the season where almost everything is!

Remember that this Fire Country episode will air at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. You can head over here to see these aforementioned sneak peeks for yourself.

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What do you think we’re going to learn about Jake moving into Fire Country season 1 episode 17?

Give us your theories below, and let’s hope that this story lives up to the hype! (Photo: CBS.)

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