‘Big Brother Canada’ review: A repetitive Head of Household leads to quiet(er) week

JillianIf there is one adjective that we could use at this very moment to describe the week in the “Big Brother Canada” house, it would be “torn.” On one side of the coin, we appreciate the effort that producers are making right now to liven things up, and we can’t even complain too much about the new PowerShift twist that features a returning player. Why? This is an entertainment show first and foremost. While we were against saving Suzette and the instant eviction, it was because these two twists did not help the entertainment value of the show. However, this one gives you an opportunity to have either a big personality (Gary) or a major gamer (Alec) back in the house, which needs it badly.

Why is that? Jemmett’s ego has gone through the roof pretty badly, as evidenced by some of what we saw here following Jillian’s Head of Household win, and also what has been present on the live feeds. The showmance assumes (and possibly rightfully so) that they are going to stroll on to the final two without much competition … and they might given that they have won three straight Head of Household Competitions between them.

The ideal “Big Brother” season is one where the strategy is worth the price of admission alone, and there wasn’t really too much here. The only real debate was who to not put on the block, since that person winning the Veto provides the only possible way in which Emmett could leave the game. Jillian made the right move in nominating Peter and Andrew, and keeping Talla off since she will never win the Power in a million years.

This is ultimately the part of the season where the strength of the show really varies depending on the contestants left, and right now it needs a shake-up. The PowerShift can provide this, and we also know that there is some fun stuff coming up via what we’ve seen on the live feeds.

What do you think about the current state of the competition? If you want to read some more about an emotional day in the “Big Brother Canada” house, be sure to visit the link here.

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