‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: Bob Newhart episode now has a title

Big Bang TheoryAs you likely have heard already, “The Big Bang Theory” has managed to land the legendary Bob Newhart for its upcoming May 2 episode, the 22nd of the season. So what could an episode with this much hype around it ultimately be titled? It’s rather simple: something that is a reference to either him, or the character he is playing.

According to a report from SpoilerTV, this key half-hour is going to be titled “The Proton Resurgence.” As for how this ties to Newhart, it’s pretty simple: his character is going to be a man known famously as Professor Proton, the host of an educational science show that Dr. Sheldon Cooper was in love with as a kid. The story of this episode picks up when Sheldon finds a way to invite the man to his apartment for a private gig, and from there was have a feeling that things will get both incredible entertaining and also incredibly awkward … quite possibly at the same time.

With there only being two episodes left on the season following this one, we anticipate this probably being the last hour that we see this year that has major ties to a guest star, since after this point the show is really going to have to focus more on the characters that it does have. After all, they have to be sure that they present enough closure to the likes of Amy / Sheldon and Leonard / Penny to make people excited about the new year, in order to keep people guessing about what will happen next for Raj and his love interest in Lucy.

Ultimately, what do you think about this title? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and be sure to also head over to the link here if you want to hear what series star Kaley Cuoco has to say about working with Newhart.

Photo: CBS

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