The Blacklist season 10: Major blasts from the past?

The Blacklist logo any seasonWe know that The Blacklist season 10 is going to lean, at least to a certain extent, into nostalgia. We’ve seen some good evidence of that already.

Now, the larger question to wonder is simply this: How far are they going to go with it beyond Wujing? We know that there’s a chance some other villains from season 1 could come back and for the sake of this article, why not dive into some of them further?

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Below, you can see three of our favorite, most fascinating people who could come back from the first handful of episodes — plus, we get into whether or not a return could be possible.

The Freelancer – The second-ever Blacklister from the show, and someone who we do know is still out there. He is about as dangerous as they come, and this is someone the show already brought back for season 8. In other words, there could be an interest here. Yet, what would there incentive be to take down Reddington?

Madeline Pratt – This one would mostly be fascinating since she, a master thief, has a preexisting relationship with Reddington that we’ve seen play out over two seasons. She would be potentially hurt by him working with the FBI in a way that transcends their cat-and-mouse dynamic! Yet, there are still a lot of questions in regards to whether Jennifer Ehle is available, since she is a part of the Yellowstone series 1923.

Gina Zanetakos – This one would be fun given that she was one of the more memorable adversaries in season 1, plus someone who gave us a good bit of insight on Tom in the early going. She’s legitimately dangerous! The problem here is 1) the writers may not want to dive too much into Tom at this point and 2) Margarita Levieva is pretty busy at the moment with other projects.

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Who would you like to see come back from the past on The Blacklist season 10?

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