The White Lotus season 2 episode 6: Who is dead? A crazy theory

The White Lotus season 2At the moment, there are few things we enjoy more than diving into crazy theories for The White Lotus season 2. How can we not? This show remains pretty full of possibilities, even though there are only two episodes left.

Who could be dead? That’s the #1 question everyone has, and we’ve all collectively had it ever since the opening minutes of the premiere. We know that Daphne was the one who discovered the bodies, just as we also know that there were “multiple guests” who were out there in the water. That’s per a conversation between Valentina and Rocco.

Obviously, this revelation rules out all of the staff of this particular property, and it leaves open some other interesting candidates. We want to rule out Tanya, just because Jennifer Coolidge is a through-line for most of the show. You can make the case that Albie, Dominic, and Bert would fit the bill, especially if their deaths come about due to Dominic’s lack of proper payment. Remember that someone is watching over Lucia and Mia, and we saw Lucia’s reaction to him back in episode 5.

Could Lucia and Mia be dead? Maybe, but they shouldn’t be the only ones dead if there are “a few” bodies.

Now, let’s get weird…

Is it possible that Harper, Ethan, and Cameron are all dead … and that Daphne killed them? She seemed genuinely shocked that they were in the water, but was this all a part of the plan? We know that something is off with her and Cameron both, and she’s tried to disguise her unhappiness with some of the mind-games she plays with her husband. This would be, by far, a good cover for her to “discover” what happened and freak out. It would also make her truly psychotic for acting like her stay at the White Lotus was so great to the two newcomers she encounters.

The weirdest thing about that opening scene has always been that Daphne is alone. Where is her husband, or her two friends? Don’t be surprised if, somehow, they all end up in the water.

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Do you think we will get any more clues on the deaths entering on The White Lotus season 2 episode 6?

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