Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1: AJ Cook hopes for Reid return

We feel like the MIA status of Spencer Reid is going to be a huge plot point throughout Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1. Matthew Gray Gubler was an enormous part of the cast for so many years and as great as the new show is, his presence is certainly missed.

Of course, this can be said for all of us watching at home, but the same can be said for members of the cast! Remember that they are very much a family, much in the same way that their characters are.

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In a new interview with BuzzFeed discussing the new Paramount+ project, AJ Cook herself confirmed that she briefly considered not returning as JJ after learning that Gubler would not be coming back. The two were close for so many years, and she wondered how the show would work without someone like Reid around. (Luckily, it has.)

Cook goes on to note that the character is going to be acknowledged throughout the series, so we have a feeling he will be referenced beyond just the two-part premiere:

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…He’s so great and we definitely miss him. Hopefully, we will see him again soon. We’re definitely setting some things up … I can’t really give anything away. But we just want to make sure that [Gubler and Daniel Henney, who is also MIA] can come back at any time.”

Henney’s situation is complicated, given that he is a major part of another show in The Wheel of Time. However, Matthew simply opted to not be a part of the show. His schedule may be a bit easier to incorporate, but we can’t blame the guy for wanting to do different things after spending so much of his life on one project. Remember that he is also a guy with a wide array of interests that go beyond just making traditional television.

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Do you think we will get to see Reid at all on Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1?

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