Squid Game season 2 premiere date: Netflix’s big risk

Squid Game season 1The moment that Netflix opted to greenlight a Squid Game season 2, we tend to think they knew what they were signing up for. Taking on a show like this is an incredibly risky endeavor, given the fact that season 1 was such a runaway success and by and large, everyone out there is expecting the same from this. They will want to see a show that tests their imagination and blows their minds on a level somewhat-similar to what they saw the first go-around.

We’re hopeful that the next new batch of episodes will be able to do that, almost regardless of when it premieres. Yet, there is still another question rolling around in the back of our mind, and it is one that we cannot fully ignore: What if the new season doesn’t work?

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The philosophy that Netflix seems to be operating under right now is pretty simple to describe: Don’t worry too much about whether or not the new show will be a hit in advance. Instead, focus more on just getting it out there and getting subscribers excited. This is not going to be a Tiger King 2, something that felt super-rushed out to market and was largely a flop from the moment it landed. Season 2 will have a lot of time and care put into it, and we’ve seen examples of shows that are able to grow their audience in season 2. Of course, not all of these examples have led to vast critical acclaim but that’s okay — at least so long as devoted fans enjoy it.

In the end, Netflix ordered a season 2 because it would have been a terrible financial move for them not to. They realize how much they have to gain from getting it out there to consumers, and they are banking on the producers to create a worthy follow-up. The one big of good news we can hand down is that they have no interesting rushing things along, as the plan for now is to premiere the new season in 2024. We’ll see if that sticks.

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Are you excited for Squid Game season 2, or nervous it will not live up to the hype?

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