‘The Walking Dead’ season 3, episode 10 review: Is Glenn a leader?

The Walking DeadOn tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3, Rick’s mental break down continues to get worse as he keeps seeing Lori around the prison just out of reach, leaving the group without a leader.  Glenn is convinced that the Governor is coming for them and he wants to go back to Woodbury one last time to kill the Governor, but Herschel suggests that they stay at the prison and defend instead. The walkers have broken through the perimeter to the prison somewhere and have flooded the corridors, leaving them trapped in the prison, so Glenn steps up as the leader and decides to find the leak and secure the prison.

Before Glenn leaves to secure the prison, he checks in on Maggie, pushing her buttons about what happened at Woodbury. Maggie decides it’s time to tell Glenn exactly what happened while she was held prisoner there and after she’s done she pushes him away, telling him to leave her alone.

Herschel goes to talk to Rick about the group falling to pieces without him and Rick admits to him that he’s been seeing Lori and Shane and he doesn’t know why or what’s going on, but that he needs more time to figure it out.

At Woodbury the Governor tells Andrea that as long as the people at the prison leave them alone that there would be no retaliation.  He says that he is not fit to lead the townsfolk right now and that Andrea should step up after her inspiring speech, but really he’s got Milton watching Andrea because he’s not sure who’s side she’s really on (he just can’t stop lying).

Daryl and Merle are on the road and having trouble finding resources, so Daryl suggests that they go back to the prison, but Merle has no interest and says that by now the Governor has probably overtaken the prison anyway.  The Dixon brothers come across two men, a woman and a baby on a bridge being swarmed by walkers and while Merle wants to leave them for dead, Daryl can’t walk away.  After Daryl saves them from being killed, Merle decides to try and rob the family feeling that they are owed, but Daryl forces him to stop.  Back in the forest Daryl and Merle get into a fight and Merle learns that Daryl had also been physically abused by his father when they were kids.  Daryl decides that he’s had enough of Merle and leaves him to go back to the prison, reluctantly, Merle follows him.

There have been rumors that someone was going to bite the dust tonight and it was a death that no one saw coming.  So who is no longer with us?  Poor Axel got shot by the Governor when he and some of his men rolled up to the prison ready to exact their revenge for attacking Woodbury (twice). Is this enough to wake Rick up and bring him out of crazy town? As the Governor and his men continue to fire on the prison he sends a postal truck to smash through their gate and releases a herd of walkers into the prison.  Daryl and Merle get to the prison just in time to help ward off the walkers and Rick has probably never been so happy to see Merle in his life, unfortunately the three of them (along with Michonne) are now trapped outside of the prison gates.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3?  Were you surprised that Axel died?  Who’s side are you on, Rick’s or the Governor’s?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: AMC

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