Animal Kingdom spin-off: Is there one idea that makes most sense?

Animal Kingdom

Following the events of the Animal Kingdom series finale, it does feel 100% clear that this is it. We’re at the end of the road, and there’s not going to be much else out there.

Do we still wish that there could be something more? Sure, and there’s absolutely a lot that we’re thinking about as a result of that.

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The #1 that makes the most sense after watching everything play out is what the future would hold for a guy like Deran Cody, who clearly had the most ambiguous future out of everyone in the finale. We are left with a ton of questions and really, not all that much in the way of answers.

It there is an easy TV comparison to make here, it’s with what happened with Jesse at the end of Breaking Bad. There is a world where Deran does get arrested almost immediately and spends the rest of his life in prison. On the flip side, it’s fun to envision a world where this character actually escapes and starts a new life elsewhere. We’d love to see him eventually find his way to be with Adrian and the two could plot some sort of future together, free of crime and everything else in his past. He’d have to start from scratch, given that J took all his money … but there have to be some consequences to a lot of his actions.

Unfortunately, there is almost zero chance that this is going to happen. TNT is getting out of the scripted programming business and while Amazon has streamed the past five seasons of the show, there is no indication that they are about to dive any further into all of this.

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Do you want to see an Animal Kingdom spin-off about Deran down the road?

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