Westworld season 5 spoilers: The goal within Dolores’ world

WestworldAs we get ourselves set up for Westworld season 5 (provided it happens), there is definitely a lot to think about. For starters, we’ve got the creation of this new world and/or what exactly it means.

Based on what we’ve learned at this point, the real world is at this point shot. Humanity is lost. This show, despite all of its science-fiction themes, is almost as much a post-apocalyptic thriller as it is anything at this point.

Yet, is there still any potential hope here and if so, who is the person who could introduce it? This is where Bernard starts to enter the picture with his message.

Speaking to TV Insider, executive producer Lisa Joy explains further Bernard’s discovery and then from there, how we could see Christina / Dolores be the person who can now try to save what is left of this world:

I think he realized that in every simulation, it always ends the same way, like he said, life on earth as we know it is over, it’s doomed. There’s going to be a blood bath. And so what he was looking for was any form of a coda that would be possible, a sort of escape hatch by which humanity might get one last chance. In the end, I think the escape hatch that he was trying to push everyone towards was the idea that despite the end of the world, Dolores might have one last world within her where there was still some hope.

Of course, we now get to the point where we have to wait and see if a season 5 happens. If it does, there’s almost a 100% chance it is the final season. There’s really nothing left to do but see if this new Old West world can feature some discoveries. It could be a vessel to also bring back a few characters, but we tend to think some other deaths will stick. Take, for example, Hale’s.

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