NCIS season 20: A benefit to early premiere date

NCISIf you missed the recent news, NCIS season 20 now has an early premiere date! With that, of course, comes questions, and we’re very excited to see how some things play out over the coming months.

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The question that we most want to focus on, at least for now, is pretty simple: Does an early premiere (September 19) signal more episodes? Is that something that at least feels possible?

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One thing we are reasonably confident about is that season 20 should be 22 installments, one up from what we got last season. We wonder if the temporary work stoppage early this year cost the crime drama an episode that was previously planned, since NCIS: Hawaii made it to that 22-episode mark.

Regardless, there is plenty of space now on the network schedule to do a full slate of 22 episodes; not only that, but there is room in here to up it to 24. We wouldn’t be surprised if the season starts with intentions of the cast and crew doing 22 installments, and then things change down the line. That will come down mostly to network needs; if none of the shows around NCIS end up doing more than 22 episodes, it may make less sense for it to have a larger order than that. This is at least something that the powers-that-be can think about, and we’re excited for what’s coming for Parker, Torres, and the rest of the team through a good bit of the fall.

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What do you think we are going to get on NCIS season 20 from start to finish?

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