Super Bowl commercials 2013: Doritos brings us goats, chihuahuas, and children

Super Bowl XLVIIThere are a number of brands that have to be considered Super Bowl staples in this modern day and age, and Doritos has to be one of them. After all, the company frequently allows young filmmakers around the country to cultivate some of their advertisements, and there are only two primary goals in doing this very thing: making sure that the commercials are funny, and that their chips are something that comes across as desirable at all costs.

We’re going to share two of the brand’s products below, and both of them happen to fulfill this mission statement to varying degrees.

The ads – Doritos, “Goat 4 Sale” and “Road Trip Crash”

The premise – Both ads each involve animals in some shape or form, and also trying to keep the beloved chips away from them. After all, would you rather give your last Dorito to a pet goat or a tiny dog, or eat it yourself?

What works – In the case of the “Goat” commercial, just seeing this goat munch away is pretty entertaining in its own right. This is the funnier of the two ads, mostly because the man buying the goat at first finds it to be funny, but then realizes that the goat is eating him out of house and home and keeping him up all night.

What doesn’t – With the “Road Trip Crash” ad, we’re really not so much of a fan of small children ejecting animals from a car to keep the last chip for themselves. It’s been done a hundred times before, and what is it about TV shows and movies continually liking to humiliate young dogs?

The verdict – Both are at least decent advertisements in promoting the Doritos brand, but the “Goat” ad is clearly the one worth watching time and time gain.

What do you think about these ads? If you want to view some other highlights from the big game, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS



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