Snowfall season 5 finale theory: Could Veronique die?

Snowfall season 5As we get ourselves set for the Snowfall season 5 finale, it feels more or less inevitable that something insane is going to happen. That’s just the sort of show this is! We have to prepare ourselves for a jaw-dropping moment, especially with the advance knowledge that we’re going to be getting a season 6 down the road.

So with the idea of an enormous shocker in mind, it’s fair to assume that someone is going to die. Unfortunately, that also means entertaining the possibility that this someone could be Veronique.

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The case for Franklin losing his recent love (and also his unborn baby) is tragic but also easy to identify: He just informed Teddy that he wants out of the business, and Louie putting a hit out on Kane puts him in a more precarious position there, as well. We know that Snowfall is the sort of show where Franklin is never going to find peace, and there are regularly consequences to a lot of your actions. While Franklin may be trying to do the right thing for his community now, he also caused a lot of death and destruction. The world of this show won’t forget that. Losing V at this point would be the way to propel him on a path of revenge in season 6 where no one is safe.

Is there another character whose death could prompt this from Franklin? We could see maybe Cissy or Leon, but it’s hard to see either one of them having the same impact. We think that Veronique really represented his future, and that’s a part of what makes her stand out.

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Do you think that Veronique could die moving into the Snowfall season 5 finale?

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