Big Brother Canada 10 interview: Jay Northcott breaks down eviction

Jay Big Brother CanadaThere’s no denying that Jay Northcott was one of the biggest personalities on Big Brother Canada 10They brought enthusiasm and entertainment to the house, while also allowing so many of us to get a better understanding and appreciation for indigenous traditions and culture. For someone who was only around for the first two weeks, we were able to get a great understanding of who they were and how they wanted to play the game.

So what does Jay think about their eviction, Marty’s Head of Household reign, and more? We’re going to break some of that down in this week’s exit interview!

Matt & Jess – Do you have any major regrets about your gameplay or anything else from your time in the house?

Jay – No, I have no regrets! Big Brother is one of those things where you can have all the strategy in the world, but there’s also a little bit of luck. That first HoH was really based on luck and that kind of dictated the game. Because of those boys getting a lot of that power, I became a target really quickly.

I know you got safety that first week, but do you think you could have won that HoH if you played?

Those people putting together that door — it was a slow process! (Laughs.) I figured it out right away sitting there. Hindsight is obviously 20/20, but I saw the pattern right away and I was like ‘I know exactly what this is.’ I would have loved to compete. Safety is nice, but it’s one things were if you’re in the Big Brother house, are you really safe?

What would you have done if you were the first HoH? How would you have shaped the game?

I would put big boys right up on the block. I would have been so excited to put Gino or Hermon right up there. I think my first thought was Gino and Kyle. It would have been epic. First move. Boom. Even if it didn’t allow me to win the game — though I think it would, since people would want to work with me — I don’t trust those boys. I never did. The moment I first laid eyes on them, [I knew].

Let’s fast-forward to the next HoH. The moment Marty won, did you know you were in trouble?

I felt it. I think me and him had some great conversations during the first week, but we didn’t make any guarantees of safety for each other. I think me and Marty are very different humans; sometimes [moves] are made based on comfortability. We’re just very different humans.

How much is that Veto still haunting you now?

I will never be able to look at cakes the same way ever again (laughs). There was this one piece that, when I got it over to the other side, it just fell. That was brutal to have to go back. I went into a little bit of panic mode and that’s what cost me the Veto.

A lot of people really saw you as a threat, right?

I was like ‘oh my gosh, do I really look that fit?’ (laughs). Am I the strongest person the world? It’s fine if they thought I was a threat. It would have been nice if Marty had a conversation with me before his mind was made up. I think that’s not a great thing to do with someone you’ve known for a week, but that’s also Big Brother, right?

Let’s say you survive the vote this week versus Betty and you become HoH. Would you basically do the same thing you talked earlier in targeting the guys?

[Tynesha] and Summer are amazing. I don’t know if I would’ve gone after them right away, but they are amazing and they may be able to sneak their way through the rest of the season. If I won HoH I would’ve tried to connect with Hermon to see where his head was at, and then I would’ve put Kyle and Gino up on the block.

I know it can be tough going out so early, but did you at least have a good time playing the game and allowing people to see who you are?

Honestly, I loved gaming up my agency to Big Brother Canada. I really enjoyed the experience. It does a little bit feel like high school, but that’s the experience you know you are getting yourself into. I wouldn’t change it for the world; I had so much fun and I made so many good memories. Hopefully, I get a redemption season, you know? (Laughs.)

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