‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Meet Snow White’s mom!

Ginnifer GoodwinAre you ready to see some more parental figures on “Once Upon a Time” season 2? Let’s hope so, since there is another one turning up soon in Snow White’s own biological mother.

Speaking to TV Guide, executive producer Edward Kitsis confirmed the welcome news, and also said that this character will appear as a part of a storyline that carries over from later February into early March. This is a character will who will be a little bit different than what we have seen in the typical origin story for the character; but then again, this makes sense considering that what we have on the show is no ordinary Snow White:

“The Snow White story usually begins with the stepmother trying to get rid of her … so we thought it would be fun to explore what Snow’s mom was like. Her name is Eva, and she’s the person who taught Snow White how to be Snow White.”

Just in case this was not exciting enough on its own, also know this: the character is going to have a “surprising connection” to at least one of the other characters that we know well in Storybrooke, and more often than not this does not always mean good things. Is the family tree about to get even more complicated? It’s far too early to speculate about that, but we do at least know that this story has the potential to be almost as interesting as what is going on with Regina and Cora.

Who do you want to see play this part? If you want to see the latest “Once Upon a Time” episode preview that is all about the battle between Captain Hook and Rumpelstiltskin, be sure to visit the story over at the link here.

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