NCIS season 18 episode 10 sneak peek: Is Gibbs about to go off?

GibbsNCIS season 18 episode 10 is poised to arrive on CBS tonight, and we know that Gibbs is going to be holding nothing back. He’s a guy entering “Watchdog” in a tough place emotionally. He’s angry over a number of different things in his life, whether it be Sloane’s departure or the death of Fornell’s daughter Emily. He may have done a lot to help a number of people in stopping that opioid operation, but that doesn’t stop his pain now.

Ultimately, Mark Harmon’s character may be looking to find an outlet for his pain … and he may have found it with the case of the week plot.

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In the sneak peek below, you can get a better sense of what may be causing Gibbs to be arrested later. This episode revolves around stopping a dogfighting operation, and it seems as though he’s found the person responsible. He rushes over to confront them, but the preview cuts away before he’s able to do anything.

Ultimately, though, we don’t think you need to see the full preview to understand what’s going on here. Gibbs probably punches this guy in the face and gets arrested for aggravated assault later. Even if this guy is guilty of doing some truly despicable things, Jethro knows he has to keep his composure out in the field. Dr. Grace is going to be appearing in this episode, so we’re sure they will have an opportunity to talk some things through.

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