This Is Us season 5 episode 9 surprise: Is Deja pregnant?

This Is Us season 2Tonight’s This Is Us season 5 episode 9 was entitled “The Ride,” but ironically the biggest moment of the whole episode took place outside of a car.

In the closing minutes of the hour, we were finally transported over to the future timeline and the famed Cabin 2.0, a place where Kevin has seemingly built his dream home. While there, older versions of Deja and Annie turned up and it was revealed that Deja is pregnant! It’s a huge moment that does add further context to the Pearson family story. This would make her the first family member of her generation to be expecting; we know that Jack Damon welcomes a baby, but not until further on in the timeline.

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There is also some irony in Deja being the first of Randall’s children to welcome a child, given that he had previously expressed his interest in seeing his eyes within those of his grandkids. Deja and Randall are not biologically connected, so that won’t fully be the case — though the baby will very much still have Randall’s heart.

Are there other questions we are left to wonder? For sure, including whether or not Deja and Malik are still together, given that he was not even present at the end of the episode. Knowing what we do does set Deja on a little more of an interesting journey, though it’s clear that we aren’t going to see all of it over the course of this show. (Maybe a spin-off?)

As for some other big milestones this week, Kevin and Madison got engaged in a far more official sense (though there is still no ring), while Ellie decided that for now, she’s not sure that she can be in her biological daughter Hailey’s life. That was originally the plan, but as is often the case with life, plans change.

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