The Rookie season 3 episode 5 return date for Nathan Fillion, cast

After tonight’s episode, it only makes sense to have an interest in checking out The Rookie season 3 episode 5. The problem? You’re going to have to wait a while in order to see it.

We know already that there is no new episode airing on ABC next week — meanwhile, there’s also not one currently set for February 7. Given that this is Super Bowl Sunday, it makes absolute sense for the writers to avoid that if at all possible. While it isn’t confirmed as of this writing, it makes sense for The Rookie to return on February 14. This way, it can premiere following American Idol and capture some of its ratings momentum.

As for what you can expect to see story-wise, the Nathan Fillion drama isn’t going to shy away from hard issues facing police departments in 2021. We’ve already seen some of that through the Doug Stanton storyline, and it could flow into other subjects including police reform and community outreach. For John Nolan, he still needs to find his footing after what happened with Armstrong in the premiere. He’s facing significant roadblocks now when it comes to advancement and ultimately, he may not be able to get some of the promotions he could eventually want.

While the show does take on these serious issues, we do think much of its standard DNA will be present. You are still going to see some humorous moments and progression of some key relationships. We are still very early on in the season; that means plenty of opportunity in order to see familiar faces return, or to see surprising friends and foes enter the picture.

More details on The Rookie season 3 episode 5 should come out over the next week and a half — ABC has always been good at hinting towards what is coming up here in advance. Why wouldn’t they, since this show needs every bit of promotion that it can? It does remain very much on the ratings bubble.

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