Big Brother 22 All-Stars live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 48)

Big BrotherThe Veto Ceremony has now officially come and gone in Big Brother 22 All-Starsand the results shouldn’t surprise a lot of people.

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In the end, Tyler has opted to not use the Power of Veto, which means now that either Da’Vonne or Kevin will be evicted on the show this Thursday. What’s the most likely to happen here? Think in terms of Da’Vonne heading out the door. It may not be what we want at the moment, but it is certainly what is the most likely scenario. Da’Vonne is going to struggle to figure out the right way to campaign, mostly because she is somewhat in the dark about the real numbers in the house. She doesn’t understand that Dani and Nicole are actually really tight with the larger alliance, and it’s their association with her that makes her into the larger target.

Da’Vonne may be right that some of the guys are working together, but it’s her misread on David that is currently causing her some of her larger problems within the game. she cannot fathom fully that he is on the outside of that, and at the most is just being used so that they can push their own numbers for a little while longer.

In the end, we’ll wait and see what happens here over the next few days, but Da’Vonne is going to need to differentiate herself from Kevin to find a way to be safe.

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