Animal Kingdom season 5: Is there any hope at a fall premiere?

Animal Kingdom season 3As we’ve noted on a number of different occasions already, it’s very-much hard to get information on Animal Kingdom season 5. How difficult? All the official Twitter page says is that the season is coming “soon.” Is there a more ambiguous time-frame than “soon”? If there is, we don’t know about it.

Anyhow, what we wanted to do within this piece is try to look towards the idea of a fall premiere date with at least some measure of hope. There is no guarantee that it will happen, but wouldn’t it be nice if it could?

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The first thing that is worth noting is that the cast was around halfway through shooting the new season when the global health crisis hit. That means that whenever they return to work, they’ll have at least a couple of months to go. We can’t see filming starting for at least another month and a half, if not two months. With that, it’s hard to imagine that production could end until around early November, at the earliest. That’s only if everything turns out okay and there are a lot of great safety protocols put into place.

While it’s true that Animal Kingdom could premiere while episodes are still shooting, you have to give your post-production team enough time to edit and put everything together. That is why, at least in our mind, the earliest that we can see a premiere date is in October … and that’s with us being hopeful. If TNT holds off until January, it’s hard to blame them. Everything is up in the air but we’re sure of this — once it’s safe, the cast and crew would probably love to be back at worth. This is such a gritty, unique series, and we have to imagine that it’s a very enjoyable one to make in the trenches.

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