The Blacklist season 7: Another look at the twin, sibling theory

The BlacklistWho is Raymond Reddington, really? We know that this is a fundamental question at the heart of The Blacklistand it’s probably one that will not be answered at any point in the near future.

Yet, for the sake of this article, we want to do our best to document one of the more interesting theories out there: One related to siblings. Is it possible that this character is somehow a brother or a twin of the real Reddington, Ilya Koslov, Katarina Rostova, or anyone else? Within this piece, let’s go through some of those possibilities…

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The real Reddington’s sibling – The case to be made for this is that a relative of the real Red would certainly know more about the character than just about anyone under the sun. They would be able to take on sort of the original premise of the man and then build upon it.

Yet, why hasn’t such a character been mentioned, and how would they have established some sort of longtime friendship with Ilya Koslov? It is at least understandable why they would take on Reddington’s persona, given that there would be a connection there to Elizabeth Keen that would matter greatly. Twins don’t necessarily have the same exact DNA, but there may be enough similarities to throw people off.

Katarina’s sibling – This one is tricky for one simple reason: We saw Reddington kiss Katarina at the end of last season. Unless The Blacklist wants to, for whatever reason, become Game of Thrones, it’s hard to buy into this idea. It’s possible in theory that Katarina doesn’t know about her sibling being Reddington, but that would be implausible and take a lot of legwork, as well.

Ilya’s sibling – This is a fascinating one to think about in its own right, largely due to the fact that we’ve come to see Ilya Koslov communicate with Reddington as though they are two people who have had a long-term relationship. This would solve that problem, but create another one: Why wouldn’t it have been mentioned in some private conversations? Also, those who felt like the Ilya reveal wasn’t exciting enough may feel 1000% the same way about this now.

Alexander Kirk’s sibling – Is it possible that Reddington whispered to Kirk the truth about them being related? We suppose so, but this is probably the hardest sell of all of these theories for a number of different reasons. It just doesn’t feel altogether sensible for Reddington to be related to Kirk unless they find a way to bring him back.

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