‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Could Walt still repent?

“Breaking Bad” only has eight episodes left, and that mere thought alone is a reason to be sad. In addition to that, though, there is still so much to discuss when it comes to this character based just on what we saw from him heading near the end of last season. After all, this transformation was in many ways the road of no return for Walt, and even though he seemingly has quit the business, is there any real way to bounce back?

In promoting the show’s fifth season in the United Kingdom (where it arrives on Netflix Thursday), Bryan Cranston offered up his thoughts to Metro on the idea of there at some point being a way for Walt to atone for everything that he is done; and in keeping with his tradition of being honest when it comes to his character, the Emmy-winner proclaimed that there is really no way that this can end with sunshine and rainbows at the end:

“I don’t think there’s any repentance to be had, that ship sailed a long time ago. And the way he’s acting now he is not asking for it.”

What may be one of the other primary issues here when discussing the concept of Walt and repentance is whether or not he is truly sorry at all with what he’s done. Did he quite selling Blue because his wife wanted him to, because he had enough money, or because the cancer had come back? The only real way we are going to know the extent of his darkness is when we see more of the confrontation between Walk and Hank, and that should come at some point before the end of the series based on what we have seen already.

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