Big Brother 21 duo Analyse Talavera, Jack Matthews break up

Analyse TalaveraMrs. Carter: The first major Big Brother 21 showmance break-up has happened — at least in terms of one that made it through the whole season.

In a new post on her Instagram Stories today, Analyse Talavera confirms that she and fellow houseguest Jack Matthews are officially no more. As for the reason why, she cites long distance (the two live in separate states) as well as the two being in different stages of their lives. These were some of the concerns that were expressed by the two when they were together within the house, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that they are being cited again right now.

Analyse did go on in her statement to refer to Jack as a great guy, which makes it sound as though the breakup was on fairly amicable terms. The two have been spotted together a number of times since the show, and even recently took part in a themed Halloween costume (see below).

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Despite this breakup, there does actually feel like there is a higher success rate for Big Brother relationships than with couples that meet on The Bachelor — at least percentage-wise. Just think about it like this — there are multiple relationships from Big Brother 20 still going strong, and there are also a number of different marriages already. Brendon & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan are probably the most popular Big Brother couples, though we also have to put a spotlight on Dominic & Daniele and Nicole & Victor. These two relationships started after their Big Brother seasons, but it goes to show further that there is something to be said for spending that much time with someone in a house. You get to know everything about them since there’s not too much else to do. You also have a shared experience with them that very few other people will understand. (Analyse and Jack spent plenty of time injury house, to go along with all of the time spent in the Big Brother house proper.)

Big Brother 22 will premiere on CBS this coming summer. There are rumors aplenty about a winter season coming, but at present, nothing is 100% confirmed.

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