‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: How a writer comes into play here

You may remember from earlier this year that “Dexter” was casting what was basically their version of Richard Castle, except that this character was a mystery writer who composed his stories based on real-life events. We don’t know if his work is fiction (in that he changed the names) or not, but he is surely an expect on serial killers.

Now, we finally have a little bit of a better understanding as to just who this guy is and what he is doing on the show. According to a new report from Zap2It (via Dexter Daily), the character’s name is Sal Price, and he will be played by Santiago Cabrera. As for the nature of his most-famous book, he wrote it all about the crime spree of Wayne Randall and Hannah McKay. This could end up being a particularly useful character as the evidence starts to mount (at least on Dexter’s end) that it was not really Wayne who was the initiator in all of the killings.

So could this man’s arrival signal the end for Hannah? If nothing else, it will at least create even more problems for Yvonne Strahovski’s character, who likely thought she was going to be free and clear thanks to the fact that those cases happened so many years ago. However, there may now be a problem for her: if there are some new deaths uncovered and there is evidence she killed them, she may suddenly be tried for those deaths. After all, she’s protected at this point from every crime that Wayne was already convicted for.

What do you think the arrival of this writer character means, and are you hoping that most of the second half of this season will be some sort of epic showdown between Dexter and Hannah?

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