‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: More on the latest love triangle

Who doesn’t love a little romance mixed in with “Downton Abbey”? For just about as long as the series has been on ITV, love has played an important role; however, it is also fairly important in the process here to remember that love has also caused more problems than we can express here in words. Those who have been lucky to find someone on the show have been quick to learn that it does not come easy, and oftentimes even those who try (see Edith earlier this season) are left brokenhearted.

So who are going to be the next few characters to experience these feelings? Really, it is none other than the new love triangle that is Alfred, Ivy, and Jimmy. Basically, it seems at the moment as though Ivy is taken with the other newcomer downstairs in Jimmy, even though he may not be the best match for her. This is the opinion at least Cara Theobold, who explains (per the Daily Mail) just how tricky it is for her to be going straight into this new environment, and then almost immediately deal with these sort of matters of the heart right away:

“Life’s hard enough for her, as kitchen maids are the lowest rung of the ladder and Daisy really bullies her too. She doesn’t realise how Alfred feels about her because she’s so caught up with Jimmy … If I could I’d tell Ivy to try and see past Jimmy’s looks and realize how nice Alfred is.”

What makes this story all the more interesting at the moment is that while there are obviously feelings between these three, there are other members of the staff also involved here. Thomas has a serious crush on Jimmy, whereas Daisy has been holding back some feelings of her own for Alfred for some time. Who will end up with who? We may not know all of the answers this season, especially since there only are two episodes left excluding the Christmas special.

Do you want to see some more of what you can expect this season?

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