‘Gossip Girl’ season 6 spoilers: Dan’s living … with who? (video)

We have seen some surprises on “Gossip Girl” over the years, but we are not sure any of them quite compare to just what sort of craziness we are going to be seeing on Monday night’s new episode. Let’s just say this: if you are a fan of Dan and Blair, you are probably going to love this … even if they aren’t getting back together romantically anytime soon.

As the sneak peek below for Monday night’s new episode carefully shows, Blair for whatever reason is going to be kind enough to allow her former lover to come and stay with her in Serena’s old room after he and Nate went their separate ways last week over his new serial being published in Vanity Fair. How did he get her to agree to this? Basically, he just used the age-old argument that he helped her out in a big way when she was at her lowest, she should really be interested in helping him out in the same exact way.

By the end of this episode, hopefully we will have a better sense of just what is going to happen here when it comes to Dan’s book, and also whether or not Blair will get a little bit closer to actually being with the man she now seems destined to be with in the scope of the series: Chuck. Of course, we do wonder just how he is going to feel about Dan suddenly deciding to shake up with his ex.

What do you think about this sneak peek, and just how long do you think that this new living arrangement is going to last?

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