Blue Bloods season 10 episode 2 sneak peek: Why is Eddie upset?

Blue Bloods season 10

Coming up on Blue Bloods season 10 episode 2, there will be a certain degree of tension between Eddie and Jamie. How much so? Let’s just say that it involves tension from the past.

In the sneak peek from Friday’s episode, you can see Eddie visibly frustrated about the fact that her husband was chosen to take part in a decoy operation over her, even though she had put in to take part in it and Jamie did not. She thought that this was a prime opportunity to showcase some of her skills, especially after taking on a different shift at the precinct. Yet, that didn’t happen. Through some of this episode, you’ll see Eddie vocalize some of her frustrations over her “status,” especially when it comes to the optics of the case. On some level, it may make sense that Jamie got tagged for the operation, given the MO of the case and the pattern of the victims so far. It involves a ride-share operation, and Jamie now has the undercover responsibility at the center of it.

If this was a standalone issue, maybe Eddie would not be as upset about being passed over. Yet, we think that the frustrations are exaggerated based on some of what transpired on the series last year. Think in terms of when Jamie ran in and stopped a decoy operation before Eddie could get potentially hurt. He did it with safety in mind, and he reiterates that to Eddie here that he would have done the same thing regardless of who the cop in Eddie’s position was.

Does she believe that? It’s an entirely different story, and the last thing that she wants to do is come across as somewhat of a damsel in distress (and we all know that she’s not!). She doesn’t want that reputation out there in the precinct, and she doesn’t want that in her job. She didn’t get into police work to be protected, she wants to be the one doing the protecting.

The good news (at least judging from the attached photo) is that these two characters will find happiness soon enough.

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