‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Michonne leads the way in sneak peek

On Sunday night’s new episode of “The Walking Dead,” we are going to effective seen smoke play the scariest role that it has since “Lost.” Why? Let’s just say that it is going to guide Micheonne and Andrea to Woodbury, which may be the most disillusioned town since when we first met the Others. (Yes, this means that the Governor is this show’s Ben Linus … but enough of the “Lost” references now.)

While this new sneak peek from the episode does not really reveal too much save from the journey that these two characters are on, we do have to give the visual effects team even more credit for the two walkers that Michonne has chained to her; these creatures simply look fantastic, and seeing them on the show is far beyond what we expected from the source material. Danai Gurira and this character bring such a different approach to the show, as she is one of the few characters who is using her intellect as much as anything in order to keep herself safe (yes, she does have a sword that probably helps with that).

As for what else we are probably going to be seeing during this episode, it is more or less our expectation that now that we will see The Governor, this story can really begin from the standpoint of action. Much of the past two episodes for us have really been centered around just when he will turn up, but now that we have an answer to that, our priorities are refocused yet again.

Do you like how the show is presenting Michonne thus far?

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