Chicago PD season 7 premiere sneak peek: What’s next for Ruzek?

Chicago Pd season 5 teaserMoving into the Chicago PD season 7 premiere this Wednesday, one of the things that we’re going to see is the fate of one Adam Ruzek. He’s starting off the premiere behind bars, but in the sneak peek below, it’s clear that Voight has posted his bail.

So what does that mean? Well, it means that for now, he’s going to have a chance to breathe a little easier … but he’s far from out of the woods. Atwater picks him up and it’s soon after that the two have the first of what is sure to be many discussions about the death of Kelton. What happened to him is really a cornerstone for a lot of what is coming up over the course of this episode. Did Voight kill him? Was it Antonio? What ultimately happened? Within the premiere, we’re expecting that there will be at least a few answers on this very subject.

Beyond just this, though, you’re also going to see in the premiere the beginnings of what may be a significant long-term story for Kevin Atwater, one where he struggles mightily with the way that other members of the police force are dealing with suspects of color. He finds himself engaged with a young African-American man with a gun, and following that, finds himself in a position where he has to talk down both the suspected perp and then also some other cops. They seem ready to pull the trigger at him, while Kevin encourages the young man to drop the weapon. He promises that he’ll have more of a “fair shake” if he allows himself to be brought in, and eventually the gun does him the ground … only for the other cops to slam him to the ground seconds later.

In the end, Atwater does save the young man’s life, but how does this scene impact Kevin in the long-term? Consider this one of many questions we’re going to continue wondering as we continue to move through season 6 … along with everything that we’ve said about Kelton already.

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