Is Grand Hotel new tonight on ABC? The hopes for a season 2

Grand Hotel episode 3Is Grand Hotel new tonight on ABC? We feel like in the wake of what happened last week, everyone is going to be craving one thing: More. What happened with Santiago? That is obviously something that we want some answers on.

Yet, we don’t think that it’s something that we’ll get more information on at any point in the near future. Last week’s new episode of Grand Hotel was, unfortunately, the finale. With that in mind, we don’t have a good sense that we’re going to be getting any news on the future in the immediate future. We know that the episode was billed as the season finale as opposed to the end of the series. With that in mind, we have to think that the possibility was at least left open for ABC to give it a green light.

The final question now just comes down to whether or not it’s something that the network itself wants to do. What we imagine that they are doing right now is evaluating the performance of Grand Hotel over the course of the season. They’ve checked out how it’s done in some of the ratings, and that’s something that they will continue to do when it comes to the show’s DVR numbers. The fate of TV shows these days is rarely ever determined directly by what happens in terms of live viewing; there are so many delayed viewing figures that are examined over the course of several weeks and maybe even months.

So when could we hear some news about the future of Grand Hotel? It’s not something that ABC needs to announce immediately; instead, they could opt until deep into the fall before figuring things out one way or another. The new season could serve to resolve the big cliffhanger at the end of season 1 with Santiago, confirm his fate, and then set out on a new mystery as to what happened to him. We do think that there is a lot of time in order to fully assess all of this, but we’re going to have to be patient; nothing here is going to be confirmed in a day, one way or another.

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