‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: Who’s this new face?

With the seventh episode of “Downton Abbey” coming up in a matter of mere days, we’re now kicking off our photo preview for the hour with a look at someone who we’ve yet to actually see turn up within the world of the show before. So are we looking at a new member of the downstairs staff, a family friend, or something else entirely? Now, we begin the speculation.

The first thought that honestly crossed our mind when we saw this image was that this man is some sort of relative of Tom Branson, given that there are some physical similarities save for the marvelous mustache that this man has. Plus, it would make sense that he would have some visitors to the Abbey given all that he has gone through as of late in between being a father and losing his wife, and he has talked about a move to Liverpool. Maybe this gentleman is helping him out?

Our major guess is that this man is not someone who is a part of high society, given that he is wearing the sort of outfit in front of who may very well be Robert and Cora that they previously ridiculed Tom for wearing; he does appear to be somewhat concerned about something, which could very well be Robert reaming him out over his fashion choice. The good news? No matter what, we are going to have all of our answers soon enough courtesy of the new episode of the show airing Sunday night on ITV.

What do you think about this photo, and who do you think that this man could be?

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