Lucifer season 5 premiere title revealed — key takeaway

LuciferWe’ve known for a while that the Lucifer season 5 premiere title had the abbreviation of RSDG, but the question remains what those letters actually meant.

When we first heard about the abbreviation, what we had guessed was that this was short for “Return Soon Devil Guy” — it made sense when you think about what’s going on with Lucifer Morningstar. At the end of season 4, after all, Lucifer returned to hell in order to return to his post as King. He thought that this was the one way in order to ensure that demons stopped going up to earth — really, he was trying to do what he could in order to help Chloe and the people there.

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Well, today we’ve learned the official Lucifer season 5 premiere title … and we’re happy to say that we weren’t that off with what we said. In a post on Twitter, the show’s official writers room confirmed that “Really Sad Devil Guy” is the name for this first episode, written by Jason Ning. This is an episode that will showcasing how Lucifer is doing following his return to Hell … and it’s pretty clear that he is not having the best time at all. Being back in his old stomping grounds will be heard for a character like Lucifer, who has developed a different side of himself elsewhere after so many years. Being back in Hell in going to put him in a position where (pun intended) some of those old devils are going to be coming back to the surface. We imagine that as this story goes along, we’ll see him continue to struggle more and more with that.

What we’re left to wonder entering season 5 is largely this: How long is Lucifer as a series going to keep this twist going? How many episodes can they leave Lucifer in Hell? We have a hard time imagining that it will be more than just a couple … but we’ll see about that.

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