‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ review: Taking out the trash

We’re probably not going to stop talking about how “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is an underrated show until the day that the series stops airing, but the truth is that this show manages to do so many things in its eighth season that we wish some other comedies across the board would consider … especially when it comes to its own self-awareness.

You see, the cast is pretty well-aware at this point of the fact that they have been on the air a long time, and that their show really tends to follow the formula: the gang has some sort of crazy scheme that is a cross between effective and quite frankly insane, and then they spend the remainder of the episode trying to find a way to execute said scheme that typically ends up blowing up in their face. Really, this is why Thursday night’s new episode was so hilarious; someone made a bright idea to make money during what was a nasty garbage strike, and it played against many of the execution of their plans in the past.

One such example of this? Out of protest that no one ever listened to him, and this was why all of their plans failed, Frank did his part to actually encourage the gang to follow his lead … and they still didn’t learn from their own past mistakes. We saw Dee reference the fact that she is always told to dress up in skimpy clothing, and the gang finally used their brain to realize that having someone who is labeled a “wild card” like Charlie is never even remotely a good thing. What started off as an innocent plan to help the city and make money eventually turned into a ridiculous take on Mac, Charlie, and Mac trying to revive their old “selling gas” business while Dee tried to appeal to garbage workers by painting her face tan and acting Latino. It was ridiculous, offensive, and pretty much the same thing we’ve seen on the show for eight years … but it’s still funny.

While we see so many people constantly tell certain shows to grow up, we never want to see this happen with this show. As a matter of fact, isn’t it funnier when the gang is more immature?

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