Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: A new nomination plan (day 24)

Nick MaccaroneIt’s the morning of day 24 within the Big Brother 21 house and at the moment, we’ve got a clear picture of what the nominations are going to be.

Here is where we go ahead and credit Nicole again for a fantastic social game. While she may not be in an alliance with the majority of the folks within Gr8ful, she is well-liked by a lot of people in the house and she routinely gives them no reason to be mad at her. Instead, she comes across as innocent enough that people feel sympathy for her and that is an effective tool sometimes in the game. If they would feel guilty about nominating you, that’s a useful way in order to save your own hide. (Even if Nicole was nominated, it doesn’t seem like people would vote her over Cliff.)

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This is why Nick is planning to put up Jessica and Cliff for eviction, contrary to what he said about it being Cliff and Nicole last night when we posted our most-recent update. The target seems at the moment to be Cliff, and we’re going to see him go ahead and out the Cliff Notes sessions during his nomination speech. To date, Nicole still hasn’t told him to stop doing them … and he continued to do another session this morning. Cliff’s only gonna stop these when the damage has clearly already been done and we worry that the damage will span over all the upcoming seasons as well where we will see no one talking to the feeders anymore.

As for what else is happening, Nick did have Kemi there for his HoH room reveal despite claiming last night that he didn’t want her there. Calmer heads prevailed overall and Kemi got her Camp Comeback outfit. Also, Ovi is still trying to conjure up various ways to align himself with Jackson, which is yet another sign of why he would be the worst-case scenario to come back to the game. He’s a likable guy, but playing directly into the hands of Gr8ful and this is painful to watch.

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