NCIS season 17 spotlight: What’s next for Wilmer Valderrama’s Torres?

Wilmer ValderramaThrough the past few seasons on NCIS, the writers have allowed us a steady window into the world of Wilmer Valderrama as Nick Torres. What we’ve come to learn about him is that he is so much more than just a rebel or a rule-breaker. He is a guy who has gone through a lot and given up more for his country than a lot of people could ever comprehend. So anytime that he wants to do something a little off the beaten path on this show, we’re keen to remind ourselves that he was in deep cover for years. He’s earned the right to follow the beat of his own drummer and has shown that his way of doing things does produce results.

So where could Nick’s story go moving into season 17? There are always going to be new avenues to explore and, within this spotlight, we are going to take a look at some of the ones that make the most sense.

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Who was Torres before some of his deep cover work? So much of who Nick is now is heavily informed by whatever lost innocence or torment he had living in someone else’s skin. Experiencing more of his formative years on the job could be value in understanding him better as a human being. Torres is one of those characters who still has more layers beyond anything we’ve seen and whether it be with some people from his past or maybe an old job that he liked, we can see more of his true passions.

Is Bishop a way for him to open up? We think that Ellie brings Nick to a place where he thinks more about other people and doesn’t feel so on edge all of the time. He likes her because of her intelligence, her sense of humor, and also how she’s different from himself. Torres is a curious character and we think he’s intrigued by people who view the world in a separate light. Explore this further.

Can Nick and Gibbs become friends? There would be a delicious sort of irony in these two, despite their oft-combustible nature at work, becoming close in a way that neither one of them expect. We think a big reason for their occasional conflict is that Gibbs and Torres are probably more alike than either would recognize. While Gibbs has his rules, he wasn’t always this way.

Will Nick go undercover againWe don’t want to see it happen for half a season or anything, but there would be something interesting about seeing a few episodes with him separate from the team and what that brings out of him. He’s just started to find a home at NCIS, so would he miss it in the event he didn’t have it anymore?

How many more action sequences can Wilmer Valderrama do? Hopefully, a billion — he’s better at it than almost anyone else on the show and he gives the show a real action-hero vibe which we are really enjoying.

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