Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Impeachment; plus, Duncan Hunter

John OliverOn the June 16 edition of Last Week Tonight with John Oliverwe started things off with a discussion of Congressman Duncan Hunter.

Who is he, you ask? Well, Hunter is a man who, alongside his wife, has been accused of a number of spending-related offenses. Oliver ran through some of the various things that he is accused of, including a decision to fly his rabbit across the country and taking the family to Sea World, and then also some ridiculous online videos that he made.

So what did we really learn about Hunter in this video? Not that much, but we’re in California — we have a little bit of an advantage (or disadvantage?) with that. There wasn’t really all that much of a point to this, but we’ll admit that we were still very much entertained by much of it.

Before we get to the main segment, did you know that Brian Kilmeade studied German in school? Fox News told us that a million times.

The main segment tonight: Impeachment

Yep, we’re going here! This was actually a really valuable segment, mostly because there hasn’t really been that much discussion as to how exactly it works. It one of those things that people just assume that they understand — even if not all of us don’t.

This is one of the reasons why no impeachment process has begun just yet against Donald Trump — it’s complicated. Extremely complicated. Yet, Oliver argued that there are a number of different reasons why the process could begin, and that includes the notion of obstruction of justice. To be specific, Don McGahn and what he was asked to do by the President. Because of McGahn’s decision (which went against Trump’s own pushing), he may have actually helped to prevent a proceeding from happening. There are other things that Team Trump cannot help with, and that includes his comments in a recent ABC News interview about taking dirt on political opponents from foreign entities.

There are some issues when it comes to impeachment — or, the perception of it. There are many audiences out there who may not be fully aware of some of what was in the Mueller Report, and not all outlets are obligated to cover it. On the flip side, many Democrats who are aware of the Mueller Report are still nervous that impeachment could rile up Trump’s base.

Was this a worthwhile segment?

We’d say that comedically, it was a funny look into a serious process. As for whether or not impeachment will happen, that’s something we aren’t qualified enough to say. We just know that Oliver wants it to happen, mostly because it fulfills what he believes to be an American institution — no one is “above the law.”

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