The Spanish Princess episode 7 preview: ‘All is Lost’

The Spanish PrincessAs you prepare for The Spanish Princess episode 7 next week, keep in mind this: The desperation is not permanent. Yet, “All is Lost” is a foundation for the continuance of Catherine of Aragon’s story.

On tonight’s episode, we found this character struggling at a crossroads — she was dealing with the news of her mother’s death, her sister’s arrival, and then also the idea that so much of what she strived for could be stripped from her due to something like her political stature. Fundamentally, it’s a part of the hierarchy. You are what you are perceived to be, and the main thing that you can try to do is turn that perception on its head. That is what Catherine wants to do.

Next week, however, we will see much of the Tudors in a certain degree of danger as war and discord threatens to tear much of England apart. It’s going to be about so much more than just political shifting on the part of Catherine; instead, it’s about death bubbling underneath the surface.

Here are the words that ware ringing through our heroine’s head more than any other: She is not “needed.” Do you think that she is going to accept that? She can make herself feel needed and that is the greatness of many of these Starz period pieces: They are about how women of this era maneuver themselves towards power, often with subtle strokes rather than big slathers of paint. This is what Catherine has to do, alternate between being stealthy and being bold.

Spoiler alert: Catherine survives. Okay, we’re being silly since you probably knew that. The larger challenge with her is how she gets from point A (where she is) to point B (her destiny). We know that the Tudors make it, and we know that her story will end with Henry. At least there is more time in order to make it there. After all, earlier this month it was confirmed that there will be eight more episodes — don’t think of it so much as a season 2 as a continuation. It’s more the folks at Starz recognizing that they’ve got great political drama here and they don’t want to move far away from it.

Ratings-wise, The Spanish Princess is generating some decent numbers — think around 500,000 live viewers a week, with many more coming after the fact via DVR/streaming. Live ratings are almost misleading with a show like this, especially when Starz decided years ago to give a big ol’ “who cares?” to the idea of relying solely on these figures. There are a lot of The Spanish Princess viewers out there who check it out early on the app.

What is it that you want to see when it comes to The Spanish Princess episode 7? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Also, remember to come back soon for more news. (Photo: Starz.)

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