NCIS season 16 finale video: Is that Diane Sterling’s ghost?

NCISTuesday night’s NCIS finale entitled “Daughters” certainly looks to be a dramatic hour of television. Why? Not only is it a chance to see Gibbs face some of his feelings about his own role in vigilante justice (along with all the other changes he’s been dealing with), but apparently it’s also going to be forcing him to see a ghost — the ghost of one Diane Sterling.

You may have heard already that Melinda McGraw is going to be reprising her role as the character within the finale, but there are obviously some big-time questions that come with that. Hence, why we say that she’s a ghost. Diane’s dead, and unless someone within the NCIS world has suddenly developed necromancer powers, we have a hard time imagining that this has changed. She’s a character we’re glad that we’ve got back given her history with Gibbs and Fornell both … though it’s likely to be for just this one episode.

So where do we think things are going to be going here? It’s perhaps possible that Diane is going to be a driving force behind Gibbs’ decision-making, or at least be someone perched atop his shoulder whispering in his ear. Will Diane be the little devil or the angel on Gibbs’ shoulders? What’s obviously worth remembering is that Emily Fornell (who is hospitalized at the start of the episode) is Diane and Fornell’s daughter. If Diane is a manifestation by Gibbs, odds are that she’s a pretty angry one who wants to ensure that justice is met for someone she loves.

Gibbs’ conscience at this point may be a wrecking ball crashing into various corners of his brain. He may be struggling to remember what direction is down and what is up, and we’ve got a pretty good feeling that it’s probably only going to get worse from here for the remainder of the episode. The longer that this situation goes on, the more likely it is that Gibbs will feel conflicted. Does he try to get justice for whatever happened to Emily using the letter of the law, or does he suddenly have a little more in common with Judge Dredd? Given the conversation that he just had with Dr. Confalone, it’s hard to imagine him going and killing someone in cold blood, but this episode is going to test him. To us, it’s not so much about whether or not Gibbs finds the bad guy; instead, it’s more about what he does with said bad guy when they are found.

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What else is there to be aware of?

We’re curious about whether Sloane is going to have a conversation or two with Gibbs, given what she said to Dr. Confalone last week our read on it is that the feelings she was talking about are towards Gibbs and that are a little more than just professional. There have been others out there that feel that she could be talking about Vance since they have a really close friendship, but with Vance still being hung up on what just happened with Mallory and the original suggestion that Maria Bello was brought onto NCIS as a possible Gibbs love interest we feel pretty confident that she was talking about Gibbs. Also it’s hard to look away from the chemistry these two have along with all the touches, smiles, that almost/thinking about it kiss at Gibbs’ house earlier this season and them spending time at Christmas together – there is something there.

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