The Durrells season 4 episode 6 preview: The series finale is here

DurrellsNext week on The Durrells season 4 episode 6, we are going to see the end of the road — this is the series finale. It’s the end of the road, and an opportunity to drop the curtain. Let’s go ahead and hope that it does it in a satisfying way.

Entering the final episode, there is clearly a great deal of uncertainty in every direction. In terms of romance, it’s clear that Louisa still loves Spiros. However, he may be lost forever after Leslie’s role in setting up Dimitra with Basil. He blames the two of them now for interfering with his life and his marriage, really unable to see that he is the one who ultimately interfered by getting close to Louisa in the first place. Spiros has to do something here that he hasn’t really been willing to do ever: Take responsibility for his own darn actions and try to move forward from there.

We definitely do still think that there is hope for these two, mostly because we don’t really get the sense that The Durrells is the sort of show that wants to end in a depressing manner. The one thing that does make us depressed nonetheless is the idea that even if Spiros and Louisa get together at the end of the series, we’re still not going to have an opportunity to actually see the two together.

There is a larger issue in this finale, though, beyond everything that is going on with Louisa and Spiros — whether or not the Durrells should move back to England in the first place. These are trying, dangerous times, and because of that, it may be in their best interest to move away from Corfu and head back home.

Of course, what really is home these days? That’s something that they have to figure out. The Durrells is, of course, a show about home, but it’s also a show about family. So long as these people are all around the people they love, we have a feeling that they will be happy in the closing minutes.

(For the record, we recognize that this is the final season, but that’s not keeping us from holding out the tiniest bit of hope that there could be some sort of other special down the road. We don’t think that such an idea should be written off entirely when so many of the major characters are still around — also, there’s just such a sense of warm nostalgia with this show. It transports you off to Corfu and makes you feel like you are a part of the family in a way few others do.)

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