Big Brother Canada 7 double eviction updates: Who is sent to jury?

Big Brother Canada 7Tonight, Big Brother Canada 7 is delivering to you the latest Double Eviction and within this article, we’ve got updates all about it!

This episode, going into it, was one without a tremendous amount of hype, mostly for one reason — Este was going to be leaving the game. That was pretty much assured. She didn’t have the numbers, and the only real mystery that we had entering the night was just how dirty she was going to be done by Dane. If he really wanted to do a good job in sending her to jury, he really should’ve done more to make her feel okay. This was a different situation than Sam leaving, mostly in that it was never something Adam wanted, and it was something that he was upset about after the fact. With Este, Dane was more of an active participant, campaigning and doing what he could to help send her out the door.

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Apparently, production was desperate to milk everything they could out of Damien before potentially losing him (which could happen as early as tonight), given that the guy did get a home visit segment. In that, we got a little bit more information all about where he comes from — we love the guy as a person but as a gameplayer? Not so much.

First Eviction – Estefania. It was 3-1, with Dane throwing her a vote to stay … though we’re not sure that it really matters all that much. The damage is done since he’s still betrayed her.

New HoH – It was Dane! He won a competition that was basically themed all around a giant game of pool.

Nominations – Predictably, Dane ended up putting up the combination of Damien and Kyra. Mark and Anthony had talked about taking a shot at either Dane or Adam, but that clearly did not happen.

Power of Veto – Anthony won! Basically, that means that he can finally celebrate having a competition win under his belt.

The Veto – Anthony won it, and that could’ve been a golden opportunity for him to shake things up. But, he didn’t, and Damien is the second person evicted tonight. No shocker there — he just was out of the alliance and that’s really what matters at this point more than anything. He didn’t really make the moves or have much of the competitive nature for this game that he needed and that was made all the clearer by the time we got around to the end of his run.

Now, we’re at the final five, and it’s the four remaining Pretty Boys plus Kyra. This is where things get interesting.

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