Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 24: Who is Jo confiding in?

Grey's Anatomy season 14While we cannot speak too much to every aspect of Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 24 as a whole, there’s one thing we can note with confidence: Jo is finally going to open up to someone about what’s been plaguing her. We’ve seen already the full extent of what this is doing to her mind: She’s struggling to find a way to function, let alone open up. She’s lucky that she didn’t just get fired from the hospital after showing up drunk to work.

The one element of surprise here is who Jo is choosing to open up to — it’s not Alex, and nor is it Link. Instead, it’s her medical mentor Meredith! They’ve had a convoluted relationship at times, especially when you think about the closeness of the relationship between Meredith and Alex. Yet, Jo does trust her and feels like she’s at least someone who understands pain. Maybe not the same sort of pain, sure, but Meredith is someone from a challenging upbringing who’s lost everyone from her father to her husband Derek to her sister Lexie. She’s found a way to bounce back from trauma perhaps more so than anyone else within the great Grey’s Anatomy family. It does make sense in our mind that if Jo is going to choose to confide in someone, she’s going to have it be her.

For some more news about what Alex is actually doing within this episode, just take a look (via SpoilerTV) at the official Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 24 synopsis:

Alex tries desperately to save his patient while he waits for a severely agoraphobic blood donor to arrive from London; Jo reveals to Meredith why she’s been so down.

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Within this episode, we’re going to have an opportunity to obviously see a lot of emotional stuff go down; for Alex, we have to imagine that this is one of the most frustrating cases he’s worked on. There’s not really anything that he can do in order to ensure that the blood gets to the hospital; beyond just that, but there’s no guarantee that it even will when you think about just how agoraphobic the donor is. All of this stuff has to be taken into consideration, and the results of whatever happens here could prove to be unfortunate for him.

One more interesting thing to consider at present is the simple fact that this is the penultimate episode of the season, and that the events of this installment are going to lead directly into what is going to be coming up in the finale. That’s one we anticipate to be emotional, painful, and probably jaw-dropping at some point. You’ve probably seen enough episodes of Grey’s Anatomy at this point to have a good sense of what’s coming up this time of year.

What’s coming on the next episode?

It’s the beginning of the big Station 19 crossover, and you can head over to the link here for more insight.

What do you want to see in regards to Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 24, and how do you want to see this installment end? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and remember to check back soon for more insight. (Photo: ABC.)

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