What states binge-watch Outlander, NCIS, Criminal Minds the most?

OutlanderWe live in a nation that is of course chock full of a lot of different personalities and opinions so with that, it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that it’s also a nation stuffed full of different television tastes.

Geek.com recently put together an infographic that we find incredibly fascinating, mostly because they polled 1500 readers in order to determine what some of the most binge-watched shows by state were. Some of these results were surprising — others weren’t really at all. Still, as a big geography nerd/TV lover, why not have a little bit of looking at these a little bit further?

Game of Thrones clearly wins big – It shouldn’t be a shock that the HBO drama reigned supreme in a number of the country’s most-populous states like California, Texas, and Illinois. What’s a little more surprising, meanwhile, is that The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a show that often isn’t talked about that much in terms of its viewership numbers (awards recognition is a different story) reigned supreme in New York. It also, strangely, was #1 in Kentucky and we can’t think of two states that have less in common on the surface.

A couple of good wins for Outlander – Colorado and West Virginia, randomly, are the two states that apparently embrace the Starz series the most — it’s certainly a favorite here at the site! Outlander is also the only Starz series to make the list.

Crime procedurals get a lot of love – Even though shows like NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Law & Order are pretty procedural and don’t really have to be binge-watched, there are clearly a lot of people who still do. NCIS is one of the most binge-watched shows on this list by state.

There’s a lot of love for old shows out there – Is anyone surprised to see Friends on a couple of different states, or Two and a Half Men randomly the favorite of viewers in Indiana? What about The Office winning a number of states but not Pennsylvania? (Also interesting here is that Ozark did not win either Missouri or Arkansas, despite that being where its story is set.)

Credit to The CW – Despite having a smaller pool of viewers, Supernatural and Riverdale each do win a few states here.

Can Netflix renew The Punisher just for North Dakota? – Seriously, that’s probably the second-biggest surprise on this list given that it’s a show that didn’t exactly have all that long of a run on the air.

Alaska really likes Wentworth – This is probably the biggest shocker of all within this list. After all, we’re talking about an Australian prison series that couldn’t be set further away from Australia. Yet, here we are with it being featured prominently on the list.

We recognize that the sample size here cannot fully represent every single state, but we found looking at all of this to be a good bit of fun. We do wonder what motivates certain shows to be popular in certain places — Utah and When Calls the Heart makes sense given that it is a fairly religious state. Yet, what about Maine and The Walking Dead? Are they all prepping for the zombie apolcalypse?

Do any of these state-by-state results surprise you on some level? Be sure to share in the attached comments. (Photo: Starz.)


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