American Idol rankings: Alejandro Aranda, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon (top 10)

American IdolWe’re gearing up for the top ten of American Idol 17 to air on ABC this weekend so, leading up to that, why not rank them? That’s the basis of this very article! From now ’til the end of the season, we’re going to do our best to size up the competition and try to figure out who we think are the big-time contenders … as well as the people who could be going home next.

So what are we basing some of this on? Think in terms of 1) overall performance quality, 2) screen time so far, 3) voting history so far, and 4) how similar acts have fared in the past. It’s a complicated formula but when you mix it all together, it starts to make a little bit of sense.

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Without further ado now, let’s get to some of those rankings — remember at the bottom of this article, you can also vote for your favorite!

10. Dimitrius Graham – He made it into the top ten off of a solid performance on Monday night, but he needed Luke Bryan’s save in order for it to happen. He’s a talented dude, but also someone who still needs to work on control and finding the right songs to suit him.

9. Alyssa Raghu – It just makes sense to have the people who needed the save to move forward at the bottom here, though we think that Alyssa is probably a better singer than at least a couple of people ranked above her. While we haven’t loved all of her performances this season, the past two have been FIRE.

8. Uche – We definitely think he deserves more than what the results handed him this past week — he’s probably the best dancer and best overall performer this season, and his vocal quality only slipped because of all he was bringing on stage. He’s incredibly talented, but we’re also cognizant that these sort of performers rarely ever go far on this season. It’s more about people who do ballads and have emotional backstories.

7. Wade Cota – Wade’s a talented dude, but we have a hard time determining the one thing he does that is immensely stronger than anyone else in the top ten. The one thing he’s going to need to do at this point is pick some songs that are original and require unique spin — as opposed to “Trouble,” something that you would expect from him.

6. Laine Hardy – We think that’s got a devoted fanbase already, and in between his look and his performance style, he’s going to get votes. The one question that remains is if he can push himself to the next level. He’s a good Idol contestant but is he really a winner contestant? That’s what we need to figure out.

5. Laci Kaye Booth – She’s one of the most unique, versatile people within the top 10 and we’ve loved a lot of her choices and what she’s brought to this competition. She’s got a cool voice and it feels like she can be a total chameleon … but we don’t quite think she’s being talked about as a favorite just yet.

4. Walker Burroughs – We’re gearing up for Disney week and really, we think that there’s no better person for this than Walker, who has the perfect singing voice for any Disney movie. There’s such a sweetness in how he sings and he comes across as incredibly genuine and personable. Add to that the quality of his tone and he’s a darkhorse contender to win.

3. Madison VanDenburg – It’s crazy that we’re in an American Idol season and someone like Madison is actually ranked #3, mostly because she’s talented enough that she could win other seasons of this show. The only reason we don’t know if she will here is because she doesn’t have the same powerful backstory as some other people, and didn’t go viral in the way that Alejandro did at the start of the season.

2. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon – His “Almost Heaven” performance on Monday was sublime, and that is something we can say about his body of work to date, as well. He’s a brilliant storyteller with his voice

1. Alejandro Aranda – While you can argue that his performance-show number on Sunday was a little far from what we’ve come to expect from him, it’s hard to argue against the musical greatness he’s brought to every single performance. His original number on Monday night at the piano was yet another reminder of that.

Who are you rooting for to win American Idol 17? Be sure to share in the comments below, and check back soon for more updates. (Photo: ABC.)

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